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About Us

Geety, Blair & Associates, P.A., originally doing business as Katrina Geety CPA & Co., was established in 1983 in Maryland. At the time many individual and businesses were in need of a local accounting firm. Many of those clients are still with us today and we would like the opportunity to show you how we’ve maintained their confidence and trust over the years.

Professional. Affordable. Personal.

Why a CPA Firm?

Why a CPA firm, you might ask. To begin with…Quality, we are financial experts, licensed and certified. Why would you trust your finances to anyone else? We are always straight forward, we don’t take a commission so the services we offer are truly the best products out there. We wouldn’t recommend anything else!


We have over 100 years of tax and accounting experience combined as well as extensive audit and IRS support experience. We offer a wide variety of services and expertise.


“Katrina was an excellent resource and friend for me and my company as well. She (and her team) have deep knowledge of all things that a small business can run into financially. If I were to move back to Maryland, I would most definitely have Katrina as part of my team again! Highly recommended!” - Marvin Corea