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Employee Services


If you're frustrated with payroll hassles, you've come to the right place. Why waste your time with payroll tasks when you could be creating additional sales, generating new business, improving products/services and making customers happy?

With Geety, Blair & Associates, P.A., every aspect of paying your employees is completely taken care of. Whether you have one employee or hundreds, payroll is done with pinpoint accuracy and "lightning fast" speed.


  • Full payroll processing, including direct deposit and third party payments, such as benefit deductions, garnishments, etc.
  • Full payroll tax return processing for all weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual taxes.
  • Full payroll tax return processing for state withholding and unemployment taxes for all states.
  • Processing of benefit plans for payroll, including retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, paid time off calculations, etc.
  • Request a free estimate for services by completing the Contact Us Form. Provide us with the frequency of your payroll, number of employees, average annual payroll amount and types of benefit plans offered.